Parish council audit 2018. Michaelstow Parish Council.

1. Internal assessor evidence:

2. Parish Council evidence:

  • arrangements for effective financial management: financial risk assessment, financial regulations in Book of Governance,
  • system of internal control: statement of internal control in Book of Governance, internal audit, review of effectiveness, re-assessment of control issues.
  • compliance with laws: NALC updates to Book of Governance, GDPR audit
  • exercise of electors rights: poster in display cabinet and on website
  • risk assessment undertaken: needs updating 2018 – 19
  • internal audit of accounting records: internal audit completed – report here
  • action taken on last audit report: Michaelstow Community Fund £1500 moved to its own account & policy on use of debit card in the Book of Governance
  • consideration of litigation, liabilities and commitments: B of G & Financial Risk Assessment
  • evidence of GDPR activity underway: GDPR audit underway

3. Schedule: