The complete Michaelstow Parish Council 2019 will be available on this page for 30 working days commencing Monday 17th June. Please click the link below to download .pdf file

Michaelstow Parish Audit 2019

Notice of Public Rights

2. Parish Council evidence:

arrangements for effective financial management: Book of Governance

system of internal control: Book of Governance

compliance with laws – checked

exercise of electors rights – poster in PC display cabinet and on website

risk assessments undertaken

internal audit of accounting records – completed see auditors report

action taken on last audit reports – issues:

consideration of litigation, liabilities and commitments: Book of Governance and Financial Risk Assessments

GDPR compliance

3. schedule:

certificate of exemption to external auditor sent

annual governance and accountability return completed and signed by chair/RFO

annual internal audit report completed by internal auditor by

audit signed-off at meeting

publication of: certificate of exemption

annual internal audit report

governance statement: Book of Governance

accounting statements: see ‘accounting records’ at top of list

analysis of variancies

end of year bank reconciliation

notice of the period for the exercise of public rights 30 working days including first 10 working days of July