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Protect a community asset

From:     Department for Communities and Local Government
Date:     Thu, April 10, 2014 3:29 pm

Parishes and local groups all over the country are nominating community assets.
Over 1000 assets have already been listed.
Parish councils can prevent any local building or land that is considered vital to
local life from being sold without their knowledge, by using the Community Right to
Bid. This includes assets such as community centres, cricket pitches, swimming
pools, playgrounds, village shops, pubs and lots more.

If a building/land is listed as an Asset of Community Value, the parish council or
other community organisation also have a better chance to buy the building/land.

What does this mean?

Listing a local building/land as an Asset of Community Value means that:

1. If the building/land comes up for sale, the parish council or other community
organisation can bid to buy without any competition for the first six months.

2. A powerful signal is sent to the owner demonstrating that the building/land is
important to the community.

3. The nomination of the building/land could be taken into consideration by planning
authorities when considering planning applications.

How do I do it?

All you need to do to nominate a building/land is write to your local authority.

You need to show that it currently, or in the past few years, has furthered the
social wellbeing of the community and could realistically do so in the future. Most
councils have a form on their website and should provide details of their

To find the form, go to your local authority’s website and type in the search box
community right to bid” or “assets of community value”. In the results you
should see a dedicated webpage with the information and form.

If your search doesn’t work then e-mail your local authority’s customer service
team and ask for details of their procedures. The law requires that local
authorities have a procedure in place and maintain a record of asset nominations.

What happens next?

Your local authority has 8 weeks to decide whether the nominated building/land
furthers the social wellbeing or interests of the local community, and whether it
can continue to do so in the future.

Once the building/land is successfully listed as an Asset of Community Value, if the
building/land is put up for sale, you as the parish council will be informed. You
will also have the opportunity to bid to buy it. If your bid is accepted you will
have six months to raise the money.

For more information click below:

or here:

Parish Audit 2013

The Parish Audit has been approved by the external auditor and is due for delivery to the Audit commission by 15th July. The Parish Council was rendered inquorate at the local Parish Elections because of a mistake with the forms which has now been rectified, so the council was given special permission to be late with the audit delivery.

As of 16th June 2013 the Audit has not yet been ratified by the Parish Council which is due to meet on Thursday 4th July. However it is a legal requirement to provide access to the audit information to the public within a certain time period as described on the front page of the audit.

To download the Michaelstow Parish Audit information as a PDF document of 4.5 megabytes, please click on the cover image below:

Michaelstow Parish Audit 2013

Help with new benefit rules

Dear Town and Parish Councils,
The Government’s Welfare Reform changes will affect a lot of people in Cornwall, many of whom will be relying on your organisation for advice and guidance to cope. We have developed some new schemes to help people who are experiencing exceptional hardship as a result of the new reforms.

Please use the links below for more information:
Exceptional Relief and Transitional Support Fund
For people who receive Council Tax Support and are experiencing
difficulty paying their council tax.
More information is available in our leaflet
<>,in our easyread leaflet
<>  and on our website:

Crisis and Care Awards

Crisis Awards

For people in emergencies to help them and their families with their
immediate needs.
More information is available in our leaflet
<> , our easyread leaflet
<>  and on our website:

Care Awards

To help vulnerable people live as independently as possible in their
More information is available in our leaflet
<> , our easyread leaflet
<>  and on our website:
housing benefits or council tax support:
Phone: 0300 1234 121
Email: <>

More information
More information about the changes to benefits, including advice and guidance, is available on our website: <>
We hope this information is of interest and help to you and your

The Future of Cornwall ?

The Future of Cornwall ?

You are probably aware that Cornwall Council’s Core Strategy proposes to build a minimum of 48,000 houses over the next 20 years. This aims to accommodate a growth of population almost 50% higher than that which occurred between 2001 and 2011. If we continue at this rate we are well on course to a million people in Cornwall by the end of the century. Groups fighting over-development are springing up because people can see how damaging this unrestrained “growth” is to our precious environment and our future resilience and sustainability.

Trelawney Alliance (Camborne), Truro Concern and Save Our Unspoilt Land (St Austell) have joined together with the Cornwall Social and Economic Research Group (CoSERG) to write an open letter to Cornwall’s Councillors pointing out how damaging the Core Strategy proposals are to Cornwall’s environment, economy and culture. We attach the letter to this email.

Our reason for writing to you is to invite your parish council to sign the letter. The more organisations that sign the letter, the stronger the message that the Council should re-think its strategy and listen to the views of its electorate.  We hope that your organisation will join us and others in expressing opposition to the Council’s housing-led growth-at-all-cost policies.

We hope that you will bring this letter to the attention of your Council as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely,

 on behalf of Save Our Unspoilt Land, Trelawney Alliance, Truro Concern and CoSERG

Dr. Bernard Deacon and Cllr Mrs Armorel Carlyon:

Enough is enough. An open letter to Cornwall Councillors.

 Dear Councillors,

Cornwall Council’s Core Strategy is not a responsible or coherent plan for the future of Cornwall.

Since the 1960s Cornwall’s population has grown by 200,000 people or almost 60 per cent. That’s four times faster than Wales, three times faster than England and 73 times faster than Scotland. Excessive population growth has clearly not worked to produce the economic benefits its supporters claim or solve our lack of affordable housing. Yet all the Council offers us is more of the same.

The Council’s Core Strategy proposes at least 48,000 houses over the next 20 years. It could be as many as 60,000. This increases the building rate of the past 20 years and is designed to accommodate 100,000 more in-migrants. To meet local need and to support a stable population Cornwall actually needs about 12,000 to 13,000 houses.

The current plans mean that we will have to build the equivalent of five new Truros, four new St Austells or two and a half new Camborne-Redruths in the next two decades alone. On present trends we are well on course to double the population to a million people by the end of this century.

We believe this is too high a price to pay. Those things that make Cornwall special – its heritage, its culture, its landscape, its biodiversity – are placed under serious threat. Instead, the Council’s plans will produce

  • massive estates on green field sites
  • soulless car-dependent suburbs
  • more traffic congestion
  • more pollution
  • declining town centres
  • irreversible environmental damage
  • significant loss of agricultural land

Enough is enough. This million-plus population strategy is destructive. We ask councillors to think again before the damaging effects of excessive population and housing growth are felt across Cornwall. We need an alternative to this outdated and damaging policy of population-led growth.

Parish Audit 2012

Michaelstow Parish Council
Audit commision Act 1988, Sections 15 and 16 and the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (SI 2011 N0 817)

NOTICE: 09.08.12
Each year the Parish Council’s Annual Return is audited by an auditor pointed by the Audit Commission. Any person interested has the right to inspect the accounts and make copies of the annual return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to the accounting statements.

For the year ended 31st March 20212 these documents will be available on reasonable notice, by appointment only, by application to:
Mr. Simon Mitchell. Parish Clerk, Fentonadle Cottage, Fentonadle. PL30 4PJ
commencing on 09.08.12 until 09.09.12

[pdf removed to save space]

Local electors and their representatives have rights to:

  • question the auditor about the accounts; and
  • object to the accounts or any item in them. Written notice of an objection must first be given to the auditor and a copy sent to the Parish Council.

The auditor can be contacted at the address below for this purpose

The Parish Council’s audit is conducted under the provisions of the Audit Commission Act 1988, the Accounts and Audit Regulations (ENgland) 201 and the Audit Commission’s Code of Audit Practice.
Michaelstow Parish Audit is carried out by:
Audit Commission
2nd Floor, Aspinall House, Aspinall Close, Middlebrook, Bolton, BL6 6QQ

This announcement is made by the Parish Clerk, Mr. S. Mitchell

Location of Report:

Polling Places Review

Regulations require Cornwall Council to carry out a review of polling districts and places on a regular 4 year cycle. The review in Cornwall is being carried out between April 16 2012 and 23 October 2012.

Your views are invited in the Michaelstow Parish regarding the suitability of Treveighan Methodist Hall as a centre for polling. For further information about the review and to view maps showing the proposed polling districts and polling places please go to