Minutes August 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Michaelstow Council Meeting held in the Treveighan Methodist Chapel on Thursday 4th August 2016

Present: Cllr. J. Marshall (chair), Cllr. R. East, Cllr. A. Button, Simon Mitchell (Parish clerk), Cllr. Dominic Fairman, (Cornwall Councillor for St Teath and St Breward wards)

  1. Public Session:
  2. Members declaration of interest: There were no interests declared.
  3. Apologies for non-attendance: There were no apologies.
  4. Approve the minutes: The minutes of the July meeting were approved and signed with a correction in section 11 of the date from the 6th July to the 4th .
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:

The clerk reported that the cash book was now up to date but that there was very little VAT to claim back. He suggested delaying the claim until the next financial year and councillors agreed.

There was a ‘Book of Governance’ underway by the clerk which would put much of the paperwork needed for the audit and the transparency code in one place. The clerk expected to have a draft copy ready for the October meeting. The clerk had re-contacted Cormac via the online form concerning road drainage and had no reply as yet.

  1. Planning: There were no planning issues.
  2. Accounts: Financial Matters

Bank balance: 27.07.16 all payments cleared to £4232.11

Invoices & Payments:

  • clerks salary of £269 paid in arrears by standing order Aug. 01.
  • cheque provided for invoice from Mr. Sanders for £375.75 for cutting & green treatment
  1. LMP: Cornwall Council Local Maintenance Project. An email had been received from Debbie Ebsary regarding overgrowth on the BR4 footpath. Cllr. Button was aware of the situation and told the clerk to reply that the matter was in hand and would be dealt with by the landowner in September.
  2. Community: Network / Correspondence. There were no letters or emails that needed action by the council.
  3. Parish Matters and Items for News: There was no news for the newsletter. The clerk requested that the Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for the 6th October be delayed for a week until 13th October and there were no objections to this from the 3 councillors present. He asked if the speaker for this event had been contacted and the councillors suggested that he contact Cllr. ffrench Blake regarding this. Cllr Button congratulated Cllr Fairman on his election. Cllr Fairman offered to take forward two outstanding issues on behalf of the parish council, the drainage problem that leads to water pooling on the road outside Tregawn Farm and the ‘Mushroom Man’ trading just off the B3266 and Dry Lane on the Michaelstow / St Tudy outskirts . He asked the clerk to forward information pertaining to these and asked to be included on minutes and agenda mailouts. The church and issues regarding the future for rural churches with decreasing congregations was discussed.
  4. Date of next Meeting: Dates for year’s meetings 2016 – 17:

01.09 – 13.10 – 03.11 – 01.12 – [05.01] – 02.02 – 02.03

The next meeting was set for Thursday 1st September and a visit from Mike Dodd from Devon and Cornwall police has been scheduled for this meeting.

  1. To Close the meeting:

Cllr Marshall closed the meeting at 20.00