Minutes December 6th 2018

Minutes of the meeting of Michaelstow Council Meeting held in the Treveighan Methodist Chapel on Thursday December 6th 2018.

Present: Cllr. J. Marshall (chair), Cllr. R. Whitby, Cllr. R. East, Cllr. A. ffrench Blake, Cllr. A. Button, Cllr D. Fairman (Cornwall Cllr for St Teath and St Breward wards), S. Mitchell (parish clerk).

Parish Council Meeting

  1. Public Session: there were no members of the public present
  2. Members declaration of interest: no interests were declared
  3. Apologies for non-attendance: there were no apologies
  4. Approve the minutes: the minutes of the meeting of November 1st were signed-off as correct.
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
  • Land registry and abandoned caravans on B3266: The clerk supplied Cllr Whitby with a government leaflet about adverse possession.
  • Community Network road grants report: Cllr Fairman reported that the meeting concerning community network road grants was not until the following Tuesday.
  • Report on Centenary Celebration: Councillors reported that the lighting of the Michaelstow Beacon for the end of World War I’s Centenary had gone well with about 40 people attending. People from St Tudy had also attended so the posters and link to St Tudy Village Facebook page had worked well to promote this event.
  1. Planning: PA18/09193 Buttercup Barn, Treveighan. This application had not been put on the agenda as it was past the deadline for comments for a 14 day protocol (>25.11.18). Councillors had viewed the previous application PA18/06383 and made a site visit and there were no objections for this development. However the plans had been withdrawn for minor adjustments put back in and refused, in between scheduled parish council meetings. Cllr Fairman said that the plans would be re-presented. The parish council asked the clerk to forward this application to them so that they could supply a consultee comment and were still in favour of the application.
  2. Accounts: Financial Matters
  3. Bank Balance: 27.11.18 £8921.24
  4. Invoices & Payments:
  • clerks monthly salary paid by standing order on Ist December £281.86
    • invoice from Mr Sanders for LMP work                                        £171.50
  • credit from Cornwall Council for 2 year’s LMP                                  £355.20
  1. Precept calculation and claim for 2019/2020. The clerk provided up-to-date accounts for the year so far and a simple projection of expenses up until the end financial year date. After discussion the parish council resolved to keep a £2000 fund against a contested election, and a training and expenses budget of £600. They set the precept amount for the next financial year at £5000, a £2500 reduction from that of 2018/19.
  2. Appointment of internal auditor for 2019. The council agreed to appoint the same internal auditor, Mrs Sue Hackett, for the 2018 / 2019 parish audit at a charge of about £100 dependent upon the complexity of the audit.
  3. LMP: No issues reported beyond an LMP payment received
  4. Community Network / correspondence: none beyond that already forwarded to councillors.
  5. Parish Matters:
  • Boundary Review: Cllr Fairman reported that the boundary review was now complete and that Michaelstow would be within an area including Tintagel, St Teath, St. Breward and St Tudy – called ‘St. Teath & Tintagel’. There was a boundary governance review now underway where parishes could merge.
  • Signposts: Cllr Whitby pointed out that at the top of Stock’s Lane, signposts to Michaelstow were only visible coming from Camelford but not Bodmin. The clerk was asked to email Cormac regarding this.
  • Water: Water flow around Michaelstow was discussed. Cllr Button pointed out that when the roads were maintained by local farmers, local knowledge informed their actions. Since Cormac had taken over the water flow was becoming blocked in many places, as this knowledge had not been passed on. Council members resolved to visit the problem areas in the parish to see what could be done.
  1. Date of next Meeting:

The next meeting was scheduled for 7th February 2019.

  1. To Close the meeting: Cllr Marshall closed the meeting at 8.15 pm.

Meeting Dates for year’s meetings 2019:

January – no meeting

February 7th

March 7th

April 4th

May 2nd

June 6th

July 4th

August 4th

September 5th

October 3rd

November 7th

December 5th

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