Minutes June 2017

Minutes of the meeting of Michaelstow Council Meeting held in the Treveighan Methodist Chapel on Thursday June 1st 2017

 Present: Cllr. J. Marshall (chair), Cllr. R. Whitby, Cllr. A. Button, Cllr. A ffrench Blake, Cllr. Robin East, Simon Mitchell (Parish clerk).

 Parish Council Meeting

  1. 1. Public Session: There were no members of the public present
  2. Members declaration of interest: Cllr Richard Whitby declared an interest in item 6, as a planning proposal for his house was under discussion.
  3. Apologies for non-attendance: Cllr Fairman has given his apologies by email
  4. Approve the minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were signed off as correct by the chair.
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
  • register of interest forms: Three of the councillors returned their register of interest forms, and the clerk issued Cllr. Robin East with a copy of the form since he was not at the previous meeting.
  • Cormac re road drainage outside Tregawn Farm: Councillor Button and Councillor Fairman had met with a representative of Cormac to investigate the long standing problems with puddling on the road outside Tregawn Farm. Although the outcome still seemed uncertain, the Cormac representative said he would sort it out. The council resolved to ask Councillor Fairman to follow this up.
  • external auditor confirms receipt of audit: Grant Thornton had emailed confirmation receipt of the council’s internal audit and annual statement.
  • welcome to the parish leaflet: the clerk stated he had not started work on this yet. Cllr Fairman had provided an example of the Blisland version and Cllr. Button said he would send the clerk the completed ‘portrait’ of Michaelstow completed for the new vicar.
  1. Planning: Applications.

PA17/02324 erection of a dwelling on land opposite the school house, Ms Sybil Griffiths.

The clerk had submitted comments as required by the council for this application. Although the deadline was for 22nd May, he had not heard anything regarding this application.

PA17/04198 Bearoak Manor. Listed building consent for various works internally and externally. The councillors viewed the plans and agreed that this needed doing. They asked the clerk to extend their support for this application.

PA17/04784 Tregunnon. Two-storey extension and associated works. After viewing plans for this application, Councillor Whitby left the room. The remaining councillors supported this application unanimously.

  1. Accounts & Financial Matters
  2. Bank Balance: 27.05.17 all payments cleared to £5081.25
  3. Invoices & Payments: clerks salary of £274.56 paid by standing order on 1st of month. Invoice for 10 additional hours on audit approved and office expenses for year 2016-17: £183.20
  4. Farm Energy had been invoiced by letter for £1500 payable to new bank account for MPCF. Councillor Whitby supplied a bank statement showing that Farm Energy had responded to the clerk’s invoice by immediately paying in £1500 to the account giving a balance of £3000 in the account.
  5. Mr Sanders provided an invoice for strimming for £304.50 and this was paid.
  6. LMP: Mr Sanders presented two invoices via the chair. Strimming opposite the church, postbox corner, around the bus shelter, around the summer seat, the bank leading to the church and cutting the green had taken about 22 hours over April and May. The second invoice was returned to the chair for payment by the Parochial Church Council. Mr Sanders also proposed the construction of a composting bin for the village green (£80) and the cutting of branches around the bus stop (£70). Councillor ffrench Blake said he would talk to residents concerning a compost bin on the village green. Members of the council thought that branch cutting was presently unnecessary.
  7. Community Network: There was to be a community network meeting on 13 June, which Councillor ffrench Blake agreed to attend.
  8. Parish Matters:
  • Councillor Button thought that the war memorial outside the church should be celebrated as it was coming up for its hundred year anniversary. He asked the clerk if he knew of any grants available and the clerk referred to Cllr Whitehouse of St Tudy Parish Council who had that information. There were other celebrations being planned for the 2018, 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I, in which the monument should be included.
  1. Date of next Meeting:

Dates for year’s meetings 2017 were agreed provisionally as:

06.07 03.08 07.09 05.10 02.11 14.12
  1. To Close the meeting: The chair closed the meeting at 8.38