Minutes October 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Michaelstow Council Meeting held in the Treveighan Methodist Chapel on Thursday 20th October 2016

Present: Cllr. J. Marshall (chair), Cllr. A. ffrench Blake, Cllr. R. Whitby, Cllr. A Button, Simon Mitchell (Parish clerk), Cllr. Dominic Fairman, (Cornwall Councillor for St Teath and St Breward wards). Phil Eaton (Cornwall Gypsy and traveller Liaison Officer) and eleven members of the public.

Annual Parish Meeting

 Parish Council Meeting opened at 20.35

  1. Public Session: No members of the public stayed for the council meeting.
  2. Members declaration of interest: There were no interests declared.
  3. Apologies for non-attendance: Cllr. East had given his apologies by email
  4. Approve the minutes: The minutes of the September meeting were approved and signed.
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
  • ongoing situation with illegal trader resident at top of Dry Lane – neither the clerk or Cllr. Fairman had new information on this subject
  • bank accounts for Michaelstow Parish Community Fund and Friends of Michaelstow Church – forms for bank to Cllr. Whitby. The clerk handed his ID forms to Cllr Whitby.
  • confirmation of re-instatement of footpath following maize harvest. Cllr Button said it was harvest time for the maize and he would check the re-instatement of the path once he had confirmed harvest.
  • signs for Treveighan. A studied explanation was given from planning for not putting in new signs on the triple carriageway from St. Teath turning into Tregreenwell. Cllr. Fairman explained that the B&B owner who wanted better signage could purchase her own ‘brown sign’ from the County Council from December 1st. The clerk would send a link to the chairman for this purpose.
  • Trevenning Farm PREAPP PA16/02337 is now closed as advice had been given. The previous application from this property was PA13/08396, refused 24.12.14. The clerk could not find the reason why this had been refused the first time around, despite parish council support and presumed it might be an issue with a listed building.
  1. Planning:

PA16/09131 application for display of advertisement sign at end of Dry Lane, Mr. D Wills. The council gave their unanimous support to this application. As an established local business supporting around 20 jobs in the area the council thought that in the context of the site (at present an illegal dwelling/trading site) that the Old Inn be supported regarding this. Cllr. Fairman described the process of appeal should this application be turned down.

PA16/02580/PREAPP Mr and Mrs Jesson. Michaelstow Manor Holiday Village, St Tudy, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 3PB. Pre-application advice for change of use of 26 existing holiday apartments to units of affordable residential accommodation. Demolition of 74 existing holiday chalets and the replacement of 33 residential mobile homes with restricted age occupancy.

Cllr Whitby calculated that this development would increase the population of Michaelstow by 140 – the total present population being around 200. Pre-advice had been given and Cllr. Fairman had up-to-date information on the outcome. The Jessons had been advised to consult with the community of Michaelstow regarding the local level of housing need as community support would be needed for such a large development.

  1. Accounts: Financial Matters
  2. Bank Balance: 27.09.16 all payments cleared to £5551.16, precept payment of £2328.80 received 08.09.16 and direct credit from Cornwall County of £179 on 15.09.16
  3. Invoices & Payments:

Clerks salary of £269 paid in arrears by standing order on 1st of month.

A cheque was written for the invoice from Mr. Sanders for Aug. & Sept. Path Cutting for £241.50

Interim cheques for Treveighan Methodist Chapel hire (£220) and caretaking (£55) had been written and signed on 06.09.16 and the council approved these. The clerk asked that Mrs. Watkinson supply invoices for these in the future to avoid delayed payments.

  1. LMP: there were no issues
  2. Community: Network / Correspondence. The council had received a letter from Cornwall Air Ambulance asking for funds. The council re-asserted their policy of not donating to causes outside of Michaelstow.
  3. Parish Matters:

Cllr Button described the ongoing situation with water pooling on the road outside Tregawn Farm. The most recent attempt to resolve the flow had resulted in a greywater blowback into his pond. The matter still hadn’t reached resolution and he would continue to present reports of activity. He was also concerned that the church had not had a donation from the parish council as there had been a large bill for ground maintenance. The council resolved to donate £200 to Michaelstow Church Friends once it was set up so that their donation was not claimed by the diocese.

  1. Date of next Meeting: Given that this meeting occured on the 20th October and the next meeting was scheduled for 3rd November – it was thought prudent to cancel the November meeting unless an urgent planning issue emerged. The next meeting was scheduled for 1st December 2016. Since this would be a precept planning meeting the clerk was asked to supply financial projections in advance.

Dates for year’s meetings 2016 – 17: 01.12 – [05.01] – 02.02 – 02.03

  1. To Close the meeting:

Cllr Marshall closed the meeting at 21.20

Precis for ‘The Magazine’

Michaelstow Parish Council activities 2016 from Chairman’s report

BT and the poor quality of local broadband have been on the council agenda all year. Our journey of discovery into why the parish is so poorly served and the options we can undertake leave us with few options. The County boasts a 95% coverage and Michaelstow it seems is around the 98% mark, due to the particularly isolated nature of its scattered communities.

A donation of £1500 was made by Mr. Darren Pluess as a ‘community benefit’ from his wind turbine. The Parish Council have been setting up a ‘Michaelstow Community Fund’ to promote small, local projects and writing a constitution for this and and setting up a bank account – along with formalising ‘Michaelstow Church Friends’ to raise funds for the upkeep of the church building. The annual carol service promoted by the parish council was well-attended and a popular event, alternating annually between Michaelstow Church and Treveighan Chapel.

Cornwall Planning’s switchover to digital planning has bought parish council a new laptop for the clerk’s use, also a digital projector and screen which the council will find useful.

The parish council organised a 90th birthday celebration for the Queen, linking hundreds of hilltop beacon fires, along with a barbecue – if you missed this – photos are on the parish website.

Planning issues that have taken the council’s attention during the year include the migrant worker situation at Michaelstow Holiday Village and the illegal trader set up at the top of Dry Lane on the Michaelstow / St Tudy boundary.

Matters are still in hand regarding the stream that forms down the road to Treveighan – although the pipe under the road has been reamed-out, the water flow seems to emerge lower down and our new Councillor Dominic Fairman has agreed to help us get this problem of water pooling on the road near Tregawn Farm sorted out.

During the October council meeting, an interesting talk was given by Mr. Phil Eaton, Cornwall’s Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer at the Michaelstow Annual Parish Meeting. The illegal traveller site at Michaelstow which has been at the top of Dry Lane since the beginning of the year provided the opportunity for Mr Eaton to describe the gypsy and traveller situation in Cornwall. A write up of this talk is planned for the parish website. The parish council discussed the application for an advertisement sign right next to the traveller encampment and supported this application from the Old Inn. County planners had received a pre-application for a development of Michaelstow Manor Holiday Park to residential units. The advice they provided for this includes asking Michaelstow residents what they think in a ‘community consultation’ which proves a need for such units.