Minutes September 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Michaelstow Council Meeting held in the Treveighan Methodist Chapel on Thursday 1st September 2016

Present: Cllr. J. Marshall (chair), Cllr. R. East, Cllr. A. ffrench Blake, Cllr. R. Whitby, Simon Mitchell (Parish clerk), Cllr. Dominic Fairman, (Cornwall Councillor for St Teath and St Breward wards).

The chair was a little late so the meeting was chaired by Cllr. R. East who was appointed vice-chair for the meeting by the other two councillors present.

  1. Public Session: No members of the public were present.
  2. Members declaration of interest: There were no interests declared.
  3. Apologies for non-attendance: Cllr. Button gave his apologies via Cllr. Marshall
  4. Approve the minutes: The minutes of the August meeting were approved and signed.
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
  • audit return – audit passed with one issue with fixed assets not properly listed
  • email ‘re-mushroom man’ – investigation underway with Phil Eaton. A noise complaint was received from a Fentonadle resident regarding the use of a chainsaw on Sundays and late into the evenings. Cllr. Fairman reported he was attending a meeting on Monday concerning this and asked the PC to provide a letter formalising their thoughts on the illegal residency / trader. The clerk was asked to provide this.
  • bank accounts for Michaelstow Parish Community Fund and Friends of Michaelstow Church – signatory forms for the bank were supplied by Cllr. Whitby for the approved signatories for each account
  • the road draining issue had been sent to Cormac and forwarded by the clerk to Cllr D. Fairburn but as the clerk had only just done this nothing had happened as yet
  • the clerk confirmed he had sent in the LMP application to Cormac for £139 funding for cutting footpaths
  • as yet there was no speaker for the Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for the 13th October. Cllr Fairburn commented that the APM was meant to take place in May or June rather than this later in the year. Cllr. ffrench Blake thought it unneccessary given the usually small turnout but the clerk said it was a duty of the parish council to provide an annual opportunity for parishioners to question the parish council – even if nobody was coming forward. The clerk suggested asking Phil Eaton, the Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer, who had offered to speak and the councillors asked the clerk to extend an invitation for the evening of 13th or 20th October.
  1. Planning:

PA16/02337/PREAPP. Trevenning Farm pre-application advice for conversion of redundant stables into one holiday let.

There were no details provided regarding this pre-application and the chair asked the clerk to check and see why the previous application for this property had been refused since the parish council had approved it.

  1. Accounts: Financial Matters

Bank balance: 27.08.16 all payments cleared to £3587.36, next precept payment due

Invoices & Payments: clerks salary of £269 paid in arrears by standing order Sept. 01.

  1. LMP: the clerk had received another email email from Debbie Ebsary re-path clearing between ‘gold section’ through the gate and main road A39. He had checked the pathway along the maize field and found it overgrown with hogweed. The chair assured him that Mark Andrew, the land owner had said he would re-install the pathway after the maize harvest and that the clerk should reply to Debbie Ebsary accordingly.
  2. Community: Network / Correspondence. There were no letters or emails that needed action by the council beyond those received concerning the LMP and traveller.
  3. Parish Matters and Items for News:

Cllr. Marshall asked about road signs for Treveighan since he had been approached by a resident with a B&B who wanted additional signage for her business. Cllr. Fairman said he could get an estimate for this or the resident could apply for a brown sign which she would have to pay for herself. Cllr. Marshall agreed to let the resident know that she could apply for one herself.

Cllr. Marshall was also concerned about tree overgrowth on the road at Tregreenwell and asked who was responsible for trimming. Cllr. Fairman thought that the space below trees on lanes should be 16 foot and suggested that Cllr. Marshall check with the owners of the land. Discussion moved on to the dangerous junction from the three-lane highway turning right into Tregreenwell.

Cllr. Marshall also wanted to re-iterate to Cllr. D. Fairman the parish council’s concern about the slow broadband speeds locally, despite repeated hype from both national and regional politicians. Cllr. Fairman said that Scott Mann was looking to collate information on this and that he had an office in Bodmin. He also showed the council a leaflet for a 4G satellite tower that costs around £500 that would provide one household with reasonable speeds at an additional charge of about a £1 a gigabyte. He agreed that although the providers boasted 95% coverage, that Michaelstow was probably at about 98%. Cllr. Whitby reported that BT had told him that he was unlikely to ever see superfast broadband speeds at his property.

Cllr. East said he had received a suggestion that the clerk should provide a précis of the parish meetings for ‘The Magazine’, rather than ‘news’ and he agreed to do this.

  1. Date of next Meeting: Dates for year’s meetings 2016 – 17:

 20th Oct. – 03.11 – 01.12 – [05.01] – 02.02 – 02.03

The next meeting was set for Thursday  20th October depending on the speaker for the APM

  1. To Close the meeting:

Cllr Marshall closed the meeting at 20.50