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LOCAL JOBCENTRE – https://www.jobcentrejobs.co.uk/

LOCAL POST OFFICE – https://www.postofficesnearme.com/


The Cornwall Cruse Helpline 01726 76100 is currently open for 3 hours a day 5 days a week.  When you call the Helpline you will go straight through to the Volunteer on duty (unless the Volunteer is on another call) or you will hear a message when the next Volunteer is available.
The Cruse National Helpline offering a listening ear and emotional support to anyone who has lost someone they love, or been affected by a bereavement is available on Freephone 0808 808 1677 . All calls to these helplines are answered by trained Cruse volunteers.
If you need to speak to someone urgently the Samaritans are available day and night on Freephone 116 123


MUD: Mud on the highway should be reported via the 0300 1234 222 number, once a report has been received it will either be inspected by the Highway Steward or the Highway Safety Inspector (whoever is closest) following this inspection we will endeavour to make contact with whoever is responsible, slippery road boards are then put out as an interim measure and dependant on the condition of the road and its hierarchy a decision will be made as to whether we will arrange sweeping and recharge.

Further information can be found at; http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/transport-and-streets/roads-highways-and-pavements/highway-maintenance/mud-on-the-road


These links provide you with a .pdf download of Bude Area Bus Timetables.

1. Download colour pdf leaflet layout of map and timetables.

2. The A4 size page of timetable for Bus 95

3. The A4 size page of timetable for Bus 96

4. The A4 size page of timetable for Buses 55 and 55a

REPORT IT ONLINE – You can report many things online using an online form.

View the list below for the relevant link

www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportit – Use this link to view a full list of things you can report online

www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportroad – Report a pothole, street works, electrical or highway problem

www.cornwall.gov.uk/missedcollection – Report a missed waste collection

www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportdog – Report dog fouling

www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportvehicle – Report abandoned vehicle

www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportgraffiti – Report graffiti

www.cornwall.gov.uk/flytipping – Report fly tipping

www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportbreach – Report breach of planning control

www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportchange – Report a change of circumstance

Report a highway or countryside issue

Cornwall Council footpath map

Cornwall Council Planning Applications


Click this link to open a PDF poster from SERCO giving information on out of hours care.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly have set up PHIL – Promoting Health Information Online to promote personal and family health. The overall aim of PHIL is to increase publich engagement by improving communications and enabling the Health Promotion Service to become more easily accessible by all. PHIL is essentially here to act as a central point of contact in dealing with the four main health risk factors: smoking, excess alcohol consumption, poor diet and physical activity. Should these, or other health issues effect you please contact PHIL: Phone 01209 215666, text 07800006472, email PHIL@cornwall.nhs.uk .


With the changes in rubbish collection schedules there is some confusion as to when household waste, gardening waste and recycling are being collected.

You can visit the Cornwall Council website here, and put in your postcode to find out when various types of rubbish are meant to be collected from your house.

Please remember, when it comes to rubbish – there is no such place as ‘away’ when you throw things away; it all has to go somewhere. Please help the environment of Cornwall by managing your rubbish responsibly and recycling wherever possible.

Many Thanks – Michaelstow Parish Clerk