Minutes December 2017


Minutes of the meeting of Michaelstow Council Meeting held in the
Treveighan Methodist Chapel on Thursday December 14th 2017.
Present: Cllr ffrench Blake, Cllr. Whitby, Cllr. East, Simon Mitchell (clerk).
Cllr Whitby proposed Cllr East to chair the meeting and this was seconded
by Cllr ffrench Blake.
Parish Council Meeting
1. Public Session: there were no members of the public present
2. Members declaration of interest: no interests were declared
3. Apologies for non-attendance: there were apologies from Cllr. Marshall
4. Approve the minutes: The chair drew the clerk’s attention to an incorrect date on the minutes of the
meeting of November 2nd and apart from this they were signed-off as correct.
5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
 welcome to the parish leaflet: The councillors reviewed and approved the layout of the
parish leaflet so far. The clerk said he would send .pdf copies once he had made a couple of
minor adjustments. He would also include a ‘published by’ notice at the end of the leaflet.
 electoral review: The council decided that the clerk’s initial draft for a response to
boundary changes was too inflammatory. Cllr ffrench Blake who once worked for the
Diplomatic Service agreed to write it once the clerk handed over the information.
6. Planning: Applications: none
7. Accounts: Financial Matters
a. Bank Balance: 27.11.17 all payments cleared to £5862.76
b. Invoices & Payments:
 clerks monthly salary of £274.56 paid by standing order on 1st
 Uncontested Election Charge £237.63
 Mr Sanders for maintenance October £154
c. Precept claim for 2018-19 deadline Dec. 31. The parish council resolved to keep
the amount of the precept at £7,500
d. Appointment of internal auditor for 2017 / 18. The council agreed to re-appoint
Sue Hackett as the internal auditor
8. LMP:
9. Community Network / correspondence:
10. Parish Matters: AOB
 The council asked the clerk to contact councillor Dominic Fairman regarding the
illegal woodcarver and express their concern at the lack of any outcome.
 The clerk requested use of the debit card to order suspension files for Michaelstow and St
Tudy, whom he would re-charge. This was approved by the council.
11. Date of next Meeting: Next meeting 01.02.18. The clerk is away in June 2018. The Council resolved to hold the May meeting later than usual and cancel the June meeting unless a planning matter arose. This modifies the proposed dates for meetings in 2018 to:
01.02 boundary response
05.04 agm / accounts
10.05 apm / internal audit
07.06 Clerk away 1st-25.06 – no meeting in June
05.07 hall & caretaker payments
12. To Close the meeting: Cllr East closed the meeting at 8 pm.


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