Protect a community asset

From:     Department for Communities and Local Government
Date:     Thu, April 10, 2014 3:29 pm

Parishes and local groups all over the country are nominating community assets.
Over 1000 assets have already been listed.
Parish councils can prevent any local building or land that is considered vital to
local life from being sold without their knowledge, by using the Community Right to
Bid. This includes assets such as community centres, cricket pitches, swimming
pools, playgrounds, village shops, pubs and lots more.

If a building/land is listed as an Asset of Community Value, the parish council or
other community organisation also have a better chance to buy the building/land.

What does this mean?

Listing a local building/land as an Asset of Community Value means that:

1. If the building/land comes up for sale, the parish council or other community
organisation can bid to buy without any competition for the first six months.

2. A powerful signal is sent to the owner demonstrating that the building/land is
important to the community.

3. The nomination of the building/land could be taken into consideration by planning
authorities when considering planning applications.

How do I do it?

All you need to do to nominate a building/land is write to your local authority.

You need to show that it currently, or in the past few years, has furthered the
social wellbeing of the community and could realistically do so in the future. Most
councils have a form on their website and should provide details of their

To find the form, go to your local authority’s website and type in the search box
community right to bid” or “assets of community value”. In the results you
should see a dedicated webpage with the information and form.

If your search doesn’t work then e-mail your local authority’s customer service
team and ask for details of their procedures. The law requires that local
authorities have a procedure in place and maintain a record of asset nominations.

What happens next?

Your local authority has 8 weeks to decide whether the nominated building/land
furthers the social wellbeing or interests of the local community, and whether it
can continue to do so in the future.

Once the building/land is successfully listed as an Asset of Community Value, if the
building/land is put up for sale, you as the parish council will be informed. You
will also have the opportunity to bid to buy it. If your bid is accepted you will
have six months to raise the money.

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