Parish Council Assets

Michaelstow Parish Council Asset Register 2018 – 19
Fixed assets:

2 display boards valued at                         £1142

asset risk assessment: the display boards are checked regularly by 3 keyholders who post in them on behalf of local organisations. No action needed.

1 noticeboard shelter valued at                £1000

asset risk assessment: although the noticeboard shelter was damaged by a vehicle collision in 2017 and by vandals in 2018 it has been checked by members of the parish council and deemed safe.

2 parish seats valued at                                £300

asset risk assessment: the parish seats are coming to the end of their life due to natutural weathering. The topic is under review for 2019 and the parish council are considering there renewal.

Parish ipad valued at purchase price          £435

Parish laptop valued at purchase price       £445

Projection equipment                                     £260

electrical asset risk assessment. these assets are regularly checked before usage by the clerk. No visible problems although the ipad is starting to malfunction occasionally.

Total parish assets 2018 – 19                       £3582